Monday, 7 March 2011

Animated Lookalikes Of The Week: Stuart Broad and Willow Smith

A few months after the release of Toy Story 3, England cricketer Stuart Broad was asked via Twitter whether he saw the resemblance between himself and Andy. To be honest it was not even a question that needed asking - the answer is clearly that Pixar had based Andy's appearance on the blonde bombshell.

Just have a look for yourself:

So the real question is just how many more of these animated lookalikes are there?

Well to my mind, there is at least one other blatantly obvious one. Whereas Andy seemed to grow into his real life counterpart, the opposite seems to have happened to Willow Smith. As she gets older each day, her resemblance to her father's character in the Dreamworks animation Shark Tale is uncanny. See here:

This leads to a worrying conclusion. If animation is going to start capturing the appearance of real people so successfully - how are we going to tell the difference?

I, for one, already feel the urge to smack Fresh Prince Jr over the head with a wooden oar (though I'm unsure whether that has anything to do with the lookalike thing).

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