Thursday, 17 February 2011

Actors Against Gravity - A-List of Victims

A month on and the campaign to rid actors of their greatest nemesis continues.

The campaign itself is strong, invisible to the naked eye but still at the forefront of our everyday existence. It is in many ways like the force of gravity which claimed two more victims in the form of that girl from Speed and Matt Damon's less talented friend.

Forces of Nature, praised by TIME Magazine who hailed it a "reprehensible fiasco", sees Bullock and Affleck end up in each others arms in the most logical possible way via the untimely death of a seagull in a plane engine and Cupid in the guise of a hurricane.

The poster features them falling victim to another of Earth's natural powers as both find themselves at angles previously never witnessed in run of the mill romcom posters. Affleck's pose in particular seems deeply unnatural as if he were a shatterproof ruler pushed to the very limits.

Also note the fact that the imaginary wind in the poster is pushing him back from left to right which is also suggested by the direction of the milky rain. However, Bullock's hair is blown back as if it is blowing right to left. Not only are they both the victims of Hollywood's desire for extreme gravity, the poster itself cannot decide where the bloody forces of nature are coming from.

With your help actors can overcome gravity (and poster inaccuracies)!

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