Sunday, 30 January 2011

Man of Many Roles - Jon Voight

It's hard not to like Jon Voight. Runaway Train ranks alongside Passenger 57 as the best film ever to be shown past 11pm on terrestial TV.

However since his train driving days appear to be over, he's made a career out of playing "high-level-government-agency-director-type-who-seems-good-but-look-at-his-face!He-must-be-corrupt-but-nah-he's-probably-alright" in recent years.

Let's have a look.

1997 - Most Wanted

Teaming up with the greatest actor of his (family's) generation, Keenen Ivory Wayans, old man Voight plays a military man in charge of a secret special operations team or is he?!

1998 - Enemy Of The State

Angelina Jolie Snr takes on the Fresh Prince. This time in the guise of a National Security Agent. Surely he must be trustworthy this time? No. Do not trust Jon Voight with anything.

2004 - The Manchurian Candidate

Moving away from the civil service and directly into government, Voight becomes a senator in the 2004 Jonathan Demme remake. His transformation is effortless and suggests that he has clearly been practising in front of a mirror for some time.

2007 - Transformers

After rising from the ranks of a lowly Lieutenant Colonel just 10 years previous, Voight climbs the greasy pole like a Nepalese sherpa with experience in climbing the greasiest poles around. Unsatisfied by merely occupying a seat in government, he gives himself the position of Secretary of Defence as he defends the Earth from rock-em sock-em robots. Notice how he hasn't changed out of his suit for the duration of this period in his career.

So what is Hollywood trying to say? Well, clearly that Mr Voight deserves some sort of senior government position. But at the same time, don't be surprised if he turns out not to be very good at handling his power. His forays into actual politics haven't been successful as can be seen with his support of John McCain's presidential campaign. The question many ask would be "Is there a lesson to be learnt here?"...well yes - Hollywood stop forcing the Voight political agenda. His time will come.

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