Monday, 17 January 2011

Actors Against Gravity - Another Helpless Victim

And so gravity has another victim. This time in the shape of Steve Carell.

Before the promotional material for the 2007 film Dan In Real Life was released, Carell apparently begged that the poster for this film be sent out in landscape format in order to disguise his trouble with Newton's most famous discovery.

Sadly marketing executives decided that the sympathy dollar was too hard to resist and ran with the original much to the annoyance of Carell.

If you see an actor struggling with gravity, support them to an adequate angle and then call the national Actors Against Gravity helpline to make a donation.

Just £2 a month is enough to provide a gravity stricken actor with a supporting cast strong enough to carry them through their next film.


  1. Loving the blog so far. Have to say, I watched Dan in Real Life about a year ago and could not recollect a single scene in it. No impact on me at all (and i'm sure there are many people similar!). I've just started a blog myself so check it out and get involved.

  2. Glad you're liking the blog. Hope you'll be supporting A.A.G in the future. Likewise all I can remember from Dan In Real Life is watching the bit where they were making pancakes and feeling uncomfortably hungry.